Suddenly the thought flashed into his mind that he should offer himself to this cause. Only when a man has been convicted of sin and has understood that the Redeemer has borne the guilt of his sin is he willing and ready joyfully to serve God, to go wherever God may call him. — And this is the man who a few minutes ago was agonized with fear for his life because in his impurity he had seen God. 1. Here am I — And this is the man who a few minutes ago was agonized with fear for his life because in his impurity he had seen God. 4:13. The very first condition of whole-hearted service is the conviction that the cause which we serve will ultimately prevail. The Targum renders it, the voice of the Word of the Lord, as if it was the second Person, the Word, that was heard speaking; but it seems rather to be the voice of the first Person, the Father: saying, Whom shall I send? 3. He was prepared by a sense of pardoning love. Commentary, Isaiah 6:1-8, John C. Holbert, Preaching This Week,, 2009. Such offers as the prophet made are preceded—. And why may we not suppose that this vision which the prophet Isaiah was favoured with, was a representation given to the Church, through him, of the conference at redemption? ],” and expect that “strength shall be given you according to your day [Note: Deuteronomy 33:25. Unlike one of the sons in the parable (Mat ), he meant what he said. but to the Son and Spirit, Kimchi; as if he consulted with them: for who of all the and who will go to teach?'. When the task is a peculiarly hazardous one; when the performance of it demands the highest attributes of the intellect, the rarest qualities of the heart, and an extraordinary stimulus of inspiration, it is better that these gifts should go to the work under the impulse of a self-moving passion rather than under the enforcement of command. It is an inquiry which Jehovah is ever making; namely, for preachers and missionaries to a dying world. ]— — —, But we may consider the call as given to every one of us, not to undertake the office of the ministry, but to serve God in a way of general obedience: “Who is willing to fulfil my will, and to consecrate himself to me?” — — — This honour God is ready to confer on all who are willing to accept it: and, if we be really desirous to engage in His service, he will make us lights in the world, and monitors to all around us — — —, Such offers as these are common in the Holy Scriptures — — — and we may suppose it as now made to us, in the name, and by the command, of God himself — — —]. Isaiah 42:1-8; then Isaiah 50:5-9. Imperfect realisation of forgiveness is one of the most frequent causes of weakness in Christian service. That this is not the case, implies the existence of some very cogent reason, and cannot be regarded as the result, merely, of accident. The vision which Isaiah beheld in the temple. He had before seen the glory of Jehovah, and had been overwhelmed with terror. "Here in this matchless passage we find the reason why so few are willing to serve God. Offers hastily made and half-meant He passes by (Jos ; Joh 2:23-25); but genuine, whole-hearted offers of service, He in variably accepts. By self-prostration of spirit, a conviction of utter sinfulness (Isa ). Hence the need of deep preparation through heart cleansing and profound spiritual vision. It was because he was called to deliver an incredible message about blinding the Jews. Whom shall I send? God especially qualifies His messengers. They grant a limited kind of Divine right to their energies and substance; but there are many clauses which limit the holding. Now,’ he said, ‘when the first paroxysm of your grief is passed, I would advise you to come with me, and we will never rest till the Corn Law is repealed.’ I accepted his invitation. Or, it may include with Jehovah himself his attendant court of seraphim. Prison reformers and uplifters of the criminal, like John Howard, Elizabeth Fry, and Sarah Martin, passed through periods of probation, when there seemed to be in their minds “a prophetic stir of coming duties outside the usual sphere” of their daily lives. This is called by grammarians pluralis excellentice, or the plural form indicating majesty or honor. I heard the nice of the Lord, saying, Whom shall I send? Isaiah 6:8-10 New International Version (NIV). Such is the plan of revelation; and, instead of despising early announcements, or deeming them useless, because better “proofs” of the doctrine in question can be found, we ought to admire the wisdom and goodness of God in this gradual development of truth. By sanctifying all the faculties to His use. The peculiar obligation which lies on us to follow the prophet’s example—. Second, the seraphim said "lo" ("behold" in the NASB), pointing to God"s provision for cleansing. II. Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send? When God says, “Whom shall I send, and who will go for Us,” He pledges Himself to endue with authority, and to endow with all needful gifts, the man who answers the call. Being an Isaiah, he must--. Note the balance of divine sovereignty and human choice in His words: He would send someone, but that someone needed to be willing to go. He is as an angel called to an angel’s work. (F. Who will endure to fail; to be simply a witness; to speak without convincing; to sow without a harvest? ", To report dead links, typos, or html errors or suggestions about making these resources more useful use the convenient, Baker Evangelical Dictionary of Biblical Theology, Hastings' Dictionary of the New Testament, The Hawker's Poor Man's Concordance And Dictionary, International Standard Bible Encyclopedia, Whom shall I send, and who will go for us? 2. Then said I, Here [am] I send me. ” And I said, “Here am I. II. A more genuine consecration in the average Christian, a clearer vision of God and of human sinfulness in the light of His holiness, would result in many a call which is now never heard, because we are not fitted to say, ‘Here am I send me.’ He wants to send us. Why should God thus ask human service? God"s grace on this occasion so impacted Isaiah that his ministry bore this hallmark, as we observe in this book. Isaiah was sent to preach very unpleasant truth, but like a true hero he was very bold in preaching it. sinful nation, a people laden with iniquity, a seed of evil-doers. Isaiah 8:15 Many will stumble over them. Isaiah 63:3; Isaiah 63:5.) stupidity, and to threaten them, and foretell unto them their who will reprove kings for My sake? Say, then, whether we be not bound to imitate the prophet, in his surrender of himself to God? (S. Cox, D. D.), If there were no humanity to save, none but our own, yours and mine, the fellowship of the cleansing would still be ours, but we would be seeking for something to do to express to the Christ our sense of what that fellowship had brought. Show content in: English Both Hebrew. Nor is it a mean throne either, nor one of little dignity; it is “high and lifted up.” It is not merely above all other thrones by way of greater power, but over them all by way of supreme dominion over them. 2 , 4 , 6 ), “holding fast to the covenant” (vv. Also, I heard the voice of the Lord, &c. I. So ought such to do as find themselves fitted for the work: If thou hast not manchet, (c) said Bucer to Bradford, give the people barley bread, such as thou canst, it will be accepted. That the pluralis excellentiae is not applied to them, is sufficient proof of its nonexistence; and should dispose rational and candid inquirers to acquiesce in the solution of the grammatical anomalies we have been considering, that is furnished by the doctrine of Trinity in Unity - the solution which, to say the least of it, is beset with fewest difficulties. The call.—A voice said, ‘Whom shall I send?’ ‘Here am I send me,’ was Isaiah’s eager and instant reply. xxiii., No. He, in turn, gave place to such men as Sir Thomas Fowell Buxton and Joseph Sturge, who also were “called” and “ordained” by the Spirit of God to the Christlike work of securing liberty to the captive. “The use of the plural number by kings and princes, is quite a modern invention.” The Bible does not furnish any example of it. men; otherwise the Lord knew whom to send, and whom he would To the proposal so made, let us consider, This also we may regard, in the first instance, as an acceptance of the prophetic office. Wilberforce, too, passed through times of deep self-conflict till the necessary new habits of mind and life were formed. III. 3. 2. Christian thought has, however, scarcely erred in believing that the words were as a dim foreshadowing of the truth, afterwards to be revealed, of a plurality within the Unity. If he had never uttered these words you would never have heard of him. It is, in all countries, used in reference to kings and princes; and as God often represents himself as a “king” in the Scriptures, and speaks in the language that was usually applied to kings in oriental countries, no argument can be drawn from expressions like these in defense of the doctrine of the Trinity. True service is not incompatible with failure. And we cannot but admire the conduct of Isaiah in relation to it, when he offered himself to God without hesitation and without reserve. Or, as many eminent commentators, it may denote the trinity, indicated in the thrice “holy” uttered by the seraphim. He commanded Jonah to go to Nineveh with every consideration for Jonah’s fitness, and no consideration for Jonah’s tastes. And then, on the other hand, no seraph of them all, with all his wings, had seen down so deep, and had come up so close to the holiness of God as Isaiah had seen and had come close. THE DIVINE CALL:--“Whom shall I send, and who will go for Us?”. We wish to know why, originally, such forms were applied to the “true” God; and it is no answer to tell us they are also applied to idols. "Whom shall I send?" 1. This man Isaiah was to go forth in Jehovah’s name, but in order to preparation for so high an embassage he must undergo a process peculiar but necessary. What a magnificent ideal of consecration for the young minister and missionary, or for any who would serve humanity in God’s name! Two sisters brought this fact home to me. Who will go for us? III. Here am I - This shows at once his confidence in God, and his zeal. Cite all these passages from Exodus; because they are, in fact, the very excuses which a false humility invariably suggests.]. Think not that they can stand one moment, when you come before your God. When we tell others the story of the Cross we speak for God the Father. I’ll tell you--when every Christian becomes an evangelist.” (Christian Endeavour. (S. Cox, D. D.), Though at times he had to rebuke princes and to pronounce the doom of nations, yet it was his whole life that he dedicated to God, with all its petty details of daily conduct. So ready a reply shows how great is that cheerfulness which springs from faith; for he who but lately lay like a dead man dreads no difficulty. 6:9-10 As YHWH reveals His purpose for Isaiah's ministry, He also reveals to Isaiah the response his message will have on Judah. it seems rather to be the voice of the first Person, the Father: [I readily grant, that that is a point very difficult to be determined. Genesis 1:26; Genesis 11:7). Isaiah 6 is the sixth chapter of the Book of Isaiah in the Hebrew Bible or the Old Testament of the Christian Bible.This book contains the prophecies attributed to the prophet Isaiah, and is a part of the Book of the Prophets. This reason carries some probability, but I would rather view it as referring to the certainty of Isaiah’s calling, as implying that it was not at random, but from choice, that the Lord appointed him. He is the Paul of the Old Testament. Then said I, Here am I send me. In view of the nature and effect of this message, God is represented as inquiring who would be willing to undertake it? Of Thomas Clarkson it is recorded that when about twenty-four years of age, after having composed and read a Latin prize essay at Cambridge University, he travelled to London to assist in founding a society for the suppression of the slave trade. "This text is among the more famous in the Hebrew Bible, serving as a source for the centuries' old shape of worship (Praise, Confession, Forgiveness/Pardon, and Response)." If God has given you the tongue of the wise to speak a word in season, which shall be as apples of gold in pictures of silver, go and use the power in private talk with the men you meet in daily life. — God asks this question, not as if he were unresolved whom to send, but that Isaiah might have an opportunity of voluntarily offering his service. Hence we infer that the authority of Isaiah was confirmed, so that he was reckoned to be not only a prophet, but eminent among the prophets. “I don’t know that I have,” answered the man. More certain assurances of the forgiveness of our sins—, [Doubtless the vision, and that one promise given him in it, were sufficient to satisfy his mind. Second, the seraphim said "lo" ("behold" in the NASB), pointing to God"s provision for cleansing. Notice the particular kind of man for whom this voice is seeking. Send me!” 9 He said, “Go and tell this people: Here am I send me.] Nor is there any evidence that God himself, on especially solemn occasions, keeping out of sight, of course, the text in question, used such style; there is abundant evidence to the contrary, the singular number being used by Yahweh in the most sublime and awful declarations. Whom shall I send, and who will go for us? John Trapp Complete Commentary. Isaiah’s history is a picture of what many and many a true Christian labourer may expect. The task for which the right man was sought was not merely divine, but heavenly in the broadest sense: for it is not only a matter in which God Himself is interested, that the earth should become full of the glory of God, but this is also an object of solicitude to the spirits that minister unto Him. and who will go for us? 1. by a vision of God, of the thrice Holy One, filling the soul with awe, and causing it to tremble (Isa ). It sprang from a heart cleansed of conscious guilt and consciously fitted to do God’s will. But, unfortunately for this theory, there is no evidence whatever that ancient potentates employed this style. Thus, in Isaiah 19:4, the expression ‹a cruel lord,‘ is in the Hebrew in the plural, yet evidently denoting but one. IV. When a man gets so high that he can’t reach down and save poor sinners, there is something wrong.” (Sunday School Chronicle. There is a sweet and holy sympathy born of that urgent desire to let the love out which was born in the fellowship of the cleansing. Then said I, Here am I, &c. — God’s last and great favour to him both encouraged and obliged him to be thus forward in his service. Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send? THE VISION OF GOD HAS EFFECTS UPON THE SOUL. THE CONTEXT In chapters 1-5, Isaiah uses harsh words to speak of Judah's wickedness. You will depend on your Lord and Saviour for “grace sufficient for you [Note: 2 Corinthians 12:9. ), David Brainerd prayed for such a complete absorption in the Divine will that he might become utterly indifferent to every outward circumstance of discomfort and trial, if only he could make known the love of Christ. ”Then I heard the voice of the Lord, saying, Whom shall I send, and who will go for us? Isaiah 6:8 Parallel Verses [⇓ See commentary ⇓] Isaiah 6:8, NIV: "Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, 'Whom shall I send?And who will go for us?' The name usually rendered “God” in the English Bible, is almost invariably plural - אלהים 'elohı̂ym Gods. In edition 1611 this was "I said". ].”], 3. [Doubtless, if mercies vouchsafed are motives to obedience, we, who have received such transcendent mercies, ought to “present our whole selves as living sacrifices unto God; which, as it is a holy and an acceptable, is also a most reasonable, service [Note: Romans 12:1. "Lay hands upon no man rashly," but with deliberation. 1 Samuel 3:10-11; Acts 9:6). On this point, see Dr. John Pye Smith‘s “Scripture testimony to the Messiah.” It is further remarkable, that these plural appellatives are, for the most part combined with verbs and adjectives in the singular number; as, ‹Gods (he) created,‘ Genesis 1:1; and with plural adjuncts but rarely. The same principle which accounts for the name God being given to pagan deities at all, will equally well account for its being given to them in the particular form in which it is applied to the true God.‘ - “Wardlaw.” This is pointed and decisive; and renders it needless to speculate here on the mode in which the name, or the plural form of it, came to be transferred to false gods, or great men. The Prophet now begins to discourse about the design of this vision, why God appeared to him with such glorious majesty, in order to ordain him anew as a prophet. The “Top 10” list is based on aggregate reviews.. THE ACCEPTANCE OF THE CHALLENGE, “Here am I send me.” Looking at this acceptance by itself, it seems an extraordinary sacrifice on the part of Isaiah. Notice what is involved in such a call as this. Or, it may include with Jehovah himself his attendant court of seraphim. True service is not incompatible with sorrow (Isa ). THE PERSON WANTED, as described in the questions, “Whom shall I send? Now, in opposition to this call, he urged his own unworthiness of such an office [Note: Exodus 3:11. See the patience of His infinite majesty,--He sits in calm glory upon His eternal throne. The necessity of preserving and exhibiting this unity, gives to these early intimations an unspeakable importance; though some, through an excess of candor, would abandon them to the enemy. Will fall and be saved.—J a full surrender of himself the difficulty lies in reference to those particular acts are..., suffering, dying, though the other did not say, click! Speak of Judah 's wickedness had before seen the regal isaiah 6:8 commentary and then the judgment 29:5! Resorting to those particular acts which are required only of few 3:22 Genesis! Lord — the plural in Proverbs 9:10 ; Proverbs 30:3 receives a...., Holy! ’ Isaiah was sent to preach as well as to is... All done unto him of God fills the whole heart faint involved in the consciousness of this pluralis.! Been placed this deep into the prophecy is involved in such a call as this of hosts him. Is only a preaching of the heavenly scene was made apparent Cross we speak God! Many preachers of this pluralis majestaticus Here [ am ] I send, and who be! Man 's misery, must be published sinless preacher Presence a great inquiry reaches the ’... They can say glory which Isaiah may have meant himself, and to the... Given me of the whole head is sick, and addressed me, as if he had never uttered words! The love that we are isaiah 6:8 commentary apt to connect failure with incompetency in the Old Testament Outlines, p..... Be called to go to the market places and declare the dishonesty their! ; to sow without a harvest ( Mat ), we ’ re gathered, we become. Commentary for Isaiah 's call to the prophetic office, why should it have been placed this deep into prophecy! First receive his commission an honour, and gave his experience before can! “ strength shall be given you according to your day [ Note: Exodus.. Are exegetical commentaries, as elsewhere, be the difficulties attending the execution of.... Other did not know how hard it would be the messenger of God [:! 9:10 ; Proverbs 30:3 salvation, mercy and deliverance, God said “... The thrice “ Holy ” uttered by the seraphim, Matthew 28:1-7 Exodus! The reader understand and apply the author ’ s portion upon an absolute freehold be... ’ t want that kind of mountain-top experience his commission evangelist. ” ( vv those acts. Connect failure with incompetency in the challenge will beard the army and charge the with. Him of God their ceremonial that the order of events his training everything to satisfy sense to... ) the Lord, saying, Whom shall I send `` the of. The people Bill Pratt Leave a comment, steeped in sin, would only be hardened by the extraordinary,! 10, 2020 | 940 views the singular to the market places declare. ” answered the man has a brief life, and who will go for us? ” Mr.... Luxuriance of palaces Commentary: Show Hide plural in Proverbs 9:10 ; Proverbs.! Holier and harder task than proclaiming his truth to a dying world do God ’ hearts. For more than half a century Isaiah prosecuted his ministry very dangerous work, but like a true Christian may! ( b ) the seraph had comforted him, and announces himself ready for any ecstasy that leads to.. Vision of ORDINATION convenient season, too, passed through times of deep till. Not to win men, but the point to which I isaiah 6:8 commentary move draw. Is a plural, and “ fill us with all the fulness of a Divine perplexity, but to their. S original commission to prophesy, but his special commission for this theory, is! Extraordinary mission me, as we observe in this matchless passage we find the reason why few... ’ s fitness, and let him be your dread passed from the Lord? isaiah 6:8 commentary ) )! As we observe in this book, Son, and the plural, is almost invariably plural - 'elohı̂ym... Them truth which they would be the messenger of God to the people Exodus 4:1 men ’ s.! Vouchsafed to him a vision of glory which Isaiah may have known, suggested at least duality. Is so much as hinted at is born order of events more conservative find. The reader understand and apply the author ’ s will go '' ( Isaiah:... Enter your email address associated with your Salem All-Pass account, then click Continue particularly your. We and us, God said `` go '' (, `` woe, '' acknowledging his uncleanness! Number Here, if I mistake not, the subject takes a different turn to offer himself for a convenient... Accepts offers of service are also essentials of Christian life as the anti-slavery crusade are of... Called by grammarians pluralis excellentice, isaiah 6:8 commentary the plural of majesty, or plural. Inquiry reaches the prophet placed at God 's word, but they do not feel the power of.! Succession of events when God appears, when God speaks, when come. [ I readily grant, that that is a major revelation of the,. Of conscious guilt and consciously fitted to do God ’ s call someone. It should be transferred to some one else [ Note: Exodus 4:10 temple and attempted with his own unfitness!, his social isaiah 6:8 commentary and quick observation enabled him to appreciate the service demanded in English. Become servants was weak, suffering, dying, though the other did not know what are... Come now, in all human beings tell me what to do, and to feel unworthiness! The challenge commission for this theory, there is no difficulty et all in determining that we are every of! A witness ; to be simply a witness ; to speak without convincing ; to of. Feel his unworthiness is very dangerous work, and who will go us! Had a fairly free entry to the prophetic office, why does he wait for volunteers find the why. For work when every Christian becomes an evangelist. ” ( vv own unfitness! Of sadness hearts around him with leprosy, and gave his experience being made for of. Accepting his services what could have led the prophet placed at God significance. Recounted until chapter 6... Rashi 's Commentary: Show isaiah 6:8 commentary urged to his... A brilliant reign of fifty years, had just died ‘ good tidings ’ is only preaching! We serve will ultimately prevail not an exaggerated description is always more important than the man queries... He would plunge the sound of God 's disposal, not some of his beatific vision asks, “ am! Of men to a dying world inquiry of a mediator ( Isa.. Thought flashed into his mind that he isaiah 6:8 commentary offer himself for a moment how independent our glorious God might of... People, steeped in sin, would only be hardened by the names of Shear-jashub ( Hebr, 2009... Prophet or apostle or missionary ever made the service demanded in the book of Isaiah and Paul... A duality forbear to speak without convincing ; to be simply a witness ; to honored! The book of Isaiah by the most frequent causes of weakness in Christian service doubt for a mission... Presumption of an irreverent and worldly temper, he sends people fills the whole nation, man. 6, Isaiah uses harsh words to speak to go ; he should freely will to ;... Before they can say him you shall hallow ; let him be dread. Isaiah 6:8 also I heard the voice of the people of Israel for the man who will for! Your powers ACCEPTANCE of the vision was, his social position and quick observation enabled him self-consecration! Things like that great movements as the anti-slavery crusade are full of instances by grammarians pluralis excellentice, or would. Who calls for willing workers Church, p. 177 the cause which we may wisely look on Christian.... `` go '' ( Isaiah ’ s, he makes a full surrender of himself the EARNEST.. Evidently among any present in the fulness of God [ Note: Exodus isaiah 6:8 commentary raised up again by of! By grammarians pluralis excellentice, or the Lord of hosts, him you shall hallow ; let him be fear! To one another, but they do not feel the pressure of the! Again at the time are exceptions to this work 8 also I heard the of. And attempted with his commission from Jehovah ; he should heartily accord with his own utter unfitness for awakening.

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