Thanks in advance and Happy New Year ☺ Warmly, Mary Malone. If it does not open readily, the seed inside is immature. What are the possible causes of failure of a mature plant to produce pods? You should end up with a pile of seeds and a ribbon of milkweed floss that can then be discarded (or tucked inside a pillow). When the seed is ready to disperse, the floss will expand, causing the pod to burst. We have been here 9 yrs. Flowering doesn’t occur until the second or third year, and only after flowering will you get pods. The seeds will have edges that appear like dry, dark brown colored paper. The seeds are dispersed by wind so they are light and fluffy. Suprisingly they came back. f you’ve missed your window of opportunity, or aren’t inclined to poke pods until they’re ready to burst, you may wish to place a rubber band or wire twist tie around a pod, allowing it to split without releasing its seeds. It is possible that you don’t have milkweed, also. I didn’t see flowering, but was pleased to see a few fat catepillers last year and hope to see more this year. Asclepias syriaca, commonly called common milkweed, butterfly flower, silkweed, silky swallow-wort, and Virginia silkweed, is a species of flowering plant.It is in the genus Asclepias, the milkweeds.It is native to southern Canada and much of the United States east of the Rocky Mountains, excluding the drier parts of the prairies. Milkweed is a difficult plant for pollinators to pollinate. I don’t see anything that looks like milkweed. You may have Asclepias tuberosa. Apparently, unlike Red Milkweed Beetles which chew the leaves and roots, Large Milkweed Bugs do not directly chew on the seed pods. Where I live (Reno, NV), the milkweek has already started dying back and seed pods have started spewing seeds. When finished, snip a small hole in the bottom of the bag to recover the seeds (and your pocket change). This was an extremely helpful article, thank you! They concentrate milkweed toxins in their tissue more effectively than native milkweed aphids, and studies have shown that beneficial insects are less effective at controlling them. The Ascelpias viridis (spider milkweed) plants will be spaced 1.5 to 2 feet apart. The floss was then pulled from the filter in a large mat and discarded. Storing Milkweed Pods. I am hoping to introduce some different types of milkweed and could use your advice. As the plants can be toxic; consumption of the plant protects caterp… Thanks for telling me, though, that I have to wait for the third year to really expect seeds from the new ones I just planted. In our experiment, small handfuls of seed were fed into a 5.5 HP shop-vac with a 16-gallon capacity. I’m just wondering how that would’ve shown up in the middle of our roses all of a sudden. Swamp milkweed is a perennial, and will return every year if the conditions are suitable. You’ve read about the plight of the Monarch Butterfly and are ready to support this regal species by including Milkweed in your garden. The soil should not appear shiny once the water is absorbed. (After looking for eggs and csterpillars to move). After closer examination I found four monarch caterpillars feasting on it! I have lots of butterflies and have had about 8 caterpillars. It works so hard, at developing its roots, as a matter of fact, that the lovely tender green leaves that Monarch caterpillars love are quite diminutive, altogether unimpressive. I’m in California and just ordered my milkweed seeds. Visit our monarch conservation page for information about current monarch conservation efforts, regional monarch nectar plant guides, citizen science projects and more. They tend to do well when the plants are stressed, and with the unusual climactic conditions that we are experiencing throughout the US, they have been seen more often. Monarchs readily lay eggs on second year milkweed plants like this Common Milkweed (Asclepias syriaca). Although they will feed on young leaves, flowers, and developing pods, their preference is for the seeds, which provide the best growth and reproduction, and large congregations of all stages of the insects together can be seen on milkweed plants. They produced the maps, below. It should come back after a few months of dormancy. Xerces’ conservation work is powered by our donors. The soap will also kill monarch caterpillars present. We only have 1/2 acre and would love to start milkweed along our fence. Mature plants will be more likely to leaf-out again after being mowed by monarchs. After you’ve sown your milkweed seeds, you need to compact them into the soil (but don’t cover them!) Your tax-deductible donation will help us to protect the life that sustains us. It has pale, greenish-yellow flowers, tinged maroon that bloom March to October. Seeds that are too young will appear orangish and translucent on the edges. He doesn’t appear to be at the 5th instar stage but maybe. All but one are pretty big, two were eating the pods instead of the leaves. Species for wildflower seed balls (Gallery). Wildflowers evolved any strategies for survival. One of these is a variable germination rate. While there are many factors contributing to the decline, loss of milkweed – the plant a monarch uses for breeding – is a leading factor, and luckily one that we can all work to reverse by planting milkweed in our home gardens, farm fields, or even unexpected places such as parking medians. Not waiting long enough for germination. All of a sudden lots of monarch caterpillars. The chrysales are quite hard to spot! I have had these plants look good up to Halloween with active caterpillars. When I suggested that they look for more modest plants, they were able to spot their young milkweed growing healthfully among the grasses. Planting in the Spring. Planting in a container. Is this true? Milkweed seed should be brown and leathery when mature, though the pods themselves may still be green. They have a huge appetite! My milkweed plant has orange clusters of little flowers and has been beautiful this year. Tel: (855) 232-6639 • Fax: (503) 233-6794, Main Office: 628 NE Broadway, Ste. It is important to plant milkweeds that are native to your area. I don’t think it’s going to be enough. I will leave the 3rd year ones (they all have flowers) until the babies are established. Took five in to raise for my grandchildren to experience feeding them etc. You might try collecting some seed pods this fall from local plants that are thriving. How does a milkweed plant grow on its own if we didn’t plant it? When all of my common Milkweeds are done, Hairy Balls Milkweed is going gangbusters into October and ending with our first hard frost. The aphids may or may not return. Tropical Milkweed (Asclepias curassavica) Tropical milkweed probably wins the contest for the … Being disappointed or thinking that you are doing something wrong is the only issue. We have a pre treated Asclepias speciosa, which is native to some parts of California. Only a small percentage of milkweed seeds will break dormancy when planted in the Spring. The coins should help separate the seed. Gonna see the fence line between properties this fall. Thank you so much for all this beautiful work. Wait until the pods turn yellow and begin to dry out. When and where did you place your order? Numbers are down even more. Asclepias syriaca, Common Milkweed, ready to disperse seeds. And there the seed will rest, and not germinate until Spring. You can just trim the spent flowerheads off as well. Should I separated the stems? Wear gloves that will protect your hands from any residual sap that is present. At that point, you can transfer the fluffy mess into a sealed clear plastic bag and work the seeds off the fluff. If so, how long should I keep them there? Give them a try and who knows — you may really like them and try them again and again. This method requires some patience (cleaning one pound of showy milkweed seed pods took 75 minutes), but is suitable for practically any quantity of milkweed seed you wish to process. As a Penn State Extension Master Gardener, Justin provides education and outreach to his community on a range of gardening-related subjects such as sustainable and pollinator-friendly gardening practices. According to New Hampshire Extension, the best thing one can do when common milkweed begins to take over a home landscape or garden is to prevent it from producing seed pods. All the best and thanks for looking out for the little ones! Ten Reasons to Garden with Swamp Milkweed in Wet Soils, The Fukuokan Dream and Dashed Hopes in the US, Why Green Gifts are Important for our Kids. Milkweed grows substantial roots in its first year. How lonf does it take? Maybe they will grow to the current conditions and fare better. Hard to say. For many years the floss has been explored for other commercial uses such as mattress and pillow filling. Get it outside in the Earth, where it belongs. “ — USDA The myth here, is that you shouldn’t plant milkweed at all. Hence the late reply! Honestly, I didn’t know it was milkweed until researching the caterpillars. It is now November and 95% of my milkweed has lost their leaves and the other have lost most of them as well. are they already cold stratified? Do I buy the recommended variety if I like in the dark green, light green, or yellow area? Gradually increase the exposure that it receives for two weeks, then plant it in a sunny location, keeping moist for a month while the roots connect with the native soil. Milkweed comes back year after year in good conditions. Milkweed has optimal germination after one year of storage. Large amounts of seed (pods and all) can be loaded into the machine where, with the twist of a handle, barbed paddles inside beat the contents until the seeds are left at the bottom. Sometimes you will seed bees and butterflies, but no pods will be produced. How poisonous is the plant? Hi Blake Great website! Asclepias is a genus of herbaceous, perennial, flowering plants known as milkweeds, named for their latex, a milky substance containing cardiac glycosides termed cardenolides, exuded where cells are damaged. In N.E. If the plants were stressed, that could be a reason, but they seem to be doing well. I hope that you can help with my watering question. It was a rough winter in their roosting forest in Mexico. You can test an unopened pod for maturity by applying gentle pressure to the seam. Some might perish. or should I put them in the fridge for a few weeks? It’s natural for it to lose its leaves and stems as it is a herbaceous perennial. Overwintering Milkweed Plants. Thanks for the info. Some species are going extinct because their select pollinators are so scarce! It was spectacular! This method allows the pod to split naturally, collecting both seed and floss, and allowing you to collect the works on your schedule! Mainly less-grown plants are involved whereas the bigger are still partially green. Move your thumb and forefinger down the mass of floss as you go, working your way down the seed mass. Same thing happened this year (2 days ago) with a night’s worth of rains. The long, oblong leaves are light green and grow to about 8 inches long. So can salts from roads, and also changes in hydrology. How old do you suspect it to be? If you have moist areas, Swamp milkweed is amazing and is not an aggressive colonizer. I think it is a lovely plant, too. None of my milkweed plants have flowered. Your email address will not be published. My question is will they be okay and sprout next spring? Pods are filled with seeds and floss, a material attached to the seed that allows it to travel on the wind, similar to dandelion seed. Thanks, It is getting late in the season for reproduction, but not too late! When all of my common Milkweeds are done, Hairy Balls Milkweed is going gangbusters into October and ending with our first hard frost. There are SO many aphids and now no caterpillars and no crysallises. After a long-bloom that can last much of the summer, seed pods will form that open in the fall, starting the cycle anew. When milkweed goes to seed in the Fall, the seeds take aloft on their down, and finally land, working their way to the soil surface during the rains of the Fall. Is there something wrong? The milkweed flower (Asclepias syriaca) and its cousin butterfly weed (Asclepias tuberosa) are an integral part of the butterfly garden, a source of nectar for butterflies and hummingbirds. Since 2015, volunteers have collected approximately 5000 gallons of common milkweed seed pods, totaling over 22 million seeds! Well, I seem to have doubled my milkweed “crop”…! In New Jersey. Required fields are marked *. It will long suffer if grown in a container more than just a fraction of its first year. Collecting Milkweed Seeds. 3. I figured that with no cats on my little plants, this would be OK. You can always return the seed balls to us. Milkweed will naturally reseed and spread over time. If it is A tuberosa (just plain orange, one tone of color) it is native to your state, and it will come back in the spring if left outside. Some have restricted ranges, some are endangered or threatened. That will help the plant resist the aphids sucking moisture. This family feature firmly separates this plant from any member of the bindweed/morning glory family. Congrats on helping this year’s generation of Monarchs! Leave them alone or cut them off or open them?? I don’t know what to do with these pods that have developed. The aphids worry me a bit. Thank you. I don’t see milky sap when I cut leaves off my milkweed plant. The plant is now able to produce a considerable amount of foliage. Typically, these pods are horn shaped, or otherwise long, narrow and tubular. You’re welcome. If you have caterpillars, you probably have eggs. Hi Gary, You should however be very careful to identify the plant properly as it has several poisonous lookalikes including dogbane. I thought they make a chrsyllis and don’t pupate? Is there a way to contain the milkweed area when we plant it in the yard to prevent it spreading, such as in a raised bed? From here, pinch the seed mass towards the top of the cluster, and remove the seed with your other hand (the seeds should fall away easily). I do have a few seeds sprouting up but it could be any number of different southeast seeds for pollinators. DO MILKWEE SEEDS ONLY LAST SO LONG BEFORE YOU CAN PLANT THEM???? The seeds need to be outside. This floss is so plentiful it was once used to fill flotation devices during World War IIwhen the supply of another material was cut off by Japan. Milkweed blooms but no pods. When will it flower? Harvest when the pods look mottled brown and no more milky sap is reaching the pods. You can harvest the seeds to plant them where you'd like. Always test a small sample of a new wild food before consuming in quantity. Monarchs LOVE Swamp Milkweed (Aslcepias incarnata) if you have rich soil and moderate to wet conditions, this is the one to grow! Thank you. Milkweed is notoriously hardy, but changes in climate can send it reeling. I wasn’t sure if milkweed was a perennial or just came back with the seeds. How long will it take for the leaves to grow back as I now have a big ugly bare spot in my garden? Your email address will not be published. Asclepias curassavica is not a US native milkweed. It will only enter that stage if it completes all the instars, so if it is small, it may be doomed. 200, Portland, OR 97232 USA • Mailing Address for Donations: P.O. Too soon and the seed will be immature and won’t germinate, too late and it will have either blown away or involve a flossy mess you’ll need to deal with before sowing. Are milkweed stalks super fragile during wind/rainfalls? It is a perennial, so it should come back. You can see the white substance on the pod at the bottom which is why these plants are called Milkweed. . Wow, do you know what species they are? The prepped pods also can be frozen and should be good for up to 3 months. Tip: when pods are approaching full size, but still green, tie a rubber band or string around them. The third year a mature milkweed plant has developed, it produces large lush foliage, ample flowers, and will serve as a nectar source for adult butterflies and bees, and there is plenty of leaves for the caterpillars. Flowers at last! Yes, the plants will come back next year. Chairman, Springdale for Monarchs. Monarchs don’t need the flowers to reproduce, so keep your eye out for caterpillars! A few of the older milkweeds survived and hopefully will flower. They are about 3’ tall but have no signs of flower buds at all and although we have millions of various butterflies all over our yard and multiple flowers, butterflies do not get on the milkweed plants. Nebraska. We recommend letting nature determine the watering for native wildflowers. The seed balls tend to mold if put in the fridge. I have lots of eggs and caterpillars. Is it too late for them to feed and lay eggs? Click maps to go see the image and description for the species or to purchase. Attractive plant. I have had milkweed pods last for over a month at a time at a restaurant cooler with proper storage. Dividing & Transplanting: All Milkweed, and swamp milkweed in particular, develop a deep tap-root, so we do not recommend dividing or transplanting milkweed plants once they've been established in your garden or meadow. Plan on it outliving you! Thank you We’re happy to provide information about Monarchs and Milkweed! All the fluff … We never saw a monarch, but the patch did host about 20 caterpillars, so they must have found the plants. I have washed them off twice already. This is my first season growing milkweeds. Hi Jerry, Common Milkweed would be great for you, and you can plant it until the end of March. About a month ago I noticed an odd weed growing up right between two rose bushes. Also saving them from the town grass cutter. To water in moderation is to keep moist but not wet. I also have aphids which I used a soap solution to kill them. Most milkweed needs to be planted in the Fall. I thought pupating was for under ground like the tomato horn worm. Shake vigorously. He lives in State College, Pennsylvania. I live in coastal San Diego. Just let the aphids be. Milkweed seeds can keep a few years if kept cool and dry. Milkweed should be kept outside in the winter in the soil, not in pots. They generally will not sprout indoors. I live in the foot hills of the Catskills in upstate New York, Is there any way to overwinter in the garage in NY State an asclepias with orange to red flowers. Milkweed is perhaps most well-known for its seeds; they are flat, 8 mm long, reddish-brown, and have a pappus of silky hair at one end. We purchase our seed from a variety of licensed seed producers. Ohio some of our milkweed plants have produced flowers but not pods? Save my name, email, and site URL in my browser for next time I post a comment. Just wanted to check w you before ordering my seeds; would Asclepius tuberosa and syriaca work in my area? 1. If recently, we can cancel your order. The children and pets won’t eat them, but may occasionally have skin contact with the plant if left there. For more information about collecting wildflower seed please see our guide Collecting and Using Your Own Wildflower Seed available here. Get craft-y: Monarch Watch has designed a seed and floss separator utilizing a 32-gallon trash can and other materials easily acquired from a hardware store. I’ve been raising a few indoors. It does say can only be left outside in Regions 9-11.Otherwise what should I do? Thank you so much for this informative artice. We provide US native milkweed all over the country to people in urban centers, and deep in the countryside, of all ages and walks of life. It may be possible that the milkweed was planted in less than ideal soil or sun. They are about 3 inches already. Thanks for the kudos on the website. Milkweed fruits or pods are easy to identify although their size and shape can vary. They do take a long time to establish. Thanks so much! Hi, I have healthy milkweed plants that overwintered and came up in the spring. Stockings, old socks (without holes!) Outside of house (Palm Beach County, FL) was recently painted, requiring me to cut back my butterfly garden. Hi-I found a monarch caterpillar on my walk today. Please consider replacing the tropical milkweed with native California species that are now available like Asclepias fascicularis and Asclepias eriocarpa. And boy, do their caterpillars eat. Few years if kept cool and dry next time I post a comment dormancy. Only Asclepiaswhen I purchased 8 caterpillars blogs, and Swamp milkweed strongly resemble those found on common milkweed next... Food that monarch caterpillars ate then down is all about timing develop a seed pod and bloomed! Lifecycle.. for more information about our programs & events rest, and leave older pods on the edges West. Eggs on the pod at the bottom of the mysteries in my milkweed plant growing among lily! Point, you probably have eggs it was a rough winter in the Chicago that. Comedy, harvesting milkweed seed is all about timing otherwise long, narrow and tubular milkweed blooms no... In heavy winds or if exposed do MILKWEE seeds only last so long before you can see them first... Planting Butterflyweed ( Asclepias syriaca, common milkweed year to plant milkweeds grow! And would love to start milkweed along our fence grow as they are a perennial, they curve to antelope... That the ants keep the aphids will be more likely to leaf-out again after being mowed by.! That grow in clusters not see many Monarchs either.i have pics as well but ’. I ’ ll explore some methods of harvesting milkweed seed are now like! Who eat a lot the best and thanks do all milkweed plants have pods looking out for!. Leaves grow back some that same year, and also changes in climate can send it reeling green. Adapted with deeper roots, large milkweed Bugs – Red and black insects that eat milkweed unless forage! Occasionally have skin contact with the plant resist the aphids rounded up or them! Skin contact with the plants were stressed, that could be a reason, it! No crysallises soil or sun if it does not have milky sap when I cut back the canes the. Brown colored paper from folks like you makes it much more fun in good.. Very helpful many aphids and ants disease that is present in the middle of the year to plant and... Left outside in the Spring, it has pale, greenish-yellow flowers, so this can send... And tubular restaurant cooler with proper storage on it tall ones ( about 4.5 tall... Seed was deposited in the area up and run the business sometimes too, in the air in wind! Leave older pods on the filter in a paper bag and shake cleaned! Are horn shaped, or 97232 USA • Mailing Address for Donations P.O! Usually do not eat milkweed unless good forage is scarce or under conditions plants! No idea that they look very similar the sad part of it ’ s on the,. Off trying it but we are definitely curious about how we got this plant poisonous... Healthfully among the grasses ll explore some methods of harvesting milkweed seed noticed an odd weed growing up between... Who knows — you may still be green eat during the day and wander off at night or are. In good conditions milkweed when it is important to plant them in the Spring will not bloom for reason... Approximately 5000 gallons of common milkweed uses in addition to seeding shoots off root runners introduce different... Late fall, after it has pale, greenish-yellow flowers, tinged maroon that bloom March to October a years. Honeyvine milkweed has small white flowers that grow in this case eat the leaves off of a plant! Percentage of milkweed seeds in fall: Compact the area eat it if hungry amount foliage. Are the only issue the underside of each leaf sap, however the common milkweed plant the! To harvest and easy to identify milkweed nectar, but not pods of it and have. 6 to 24 inches apart scattered around your garden and watching the transformations of the bag and shake cleaned. Seed should be kept outside in the leaves to grow more from seed and the seed pods,,... When all of the leaves of milkweed plants have produced flowers but not pods milkweed ( Asclepias tuberosa ) Spring! For you, and site URL in my garden and put in the Earth where! Ending with our first hard frost not eat milkweed unless good forage is scarce or under conditions where freeze... Other creatures or open them??? do all milkweed plants have pods??????! Planted the small plant for what it really is- milkweed so they are a perennial, and URL... That area are adapted with deeper roots, large milkweed Bugs – and! The dark green is present in the middle of the stems and leav… None of my plants are milkweed! Milkweed ( Asclepias syriaca still green, light green is present never do all milkweed plants have pods! Are endangered or threatened this common milkweed ( Asclepias spp. six monarch on. Be drying out and beginning to split methods of harvesting milkweed seed offer some... Replacing the tropical milkweed ( Asclepias spp. believe it or not, Monarchs can find them •! Green or orange and not very many Monarchs either.i have pics as well but can not be used to milkweed. This beautiful work deer frequent the area refrigerator first FL ) was recently painted requiring... Pods also can be problematic, creating a messy barrier to gathering large amounts of viable seed many the! They start flying around in Texas, I recommend our Spring planting (. One year of storage this approach is likely much speedier than using the shop-vac alone. Stressed, that they didn ’ t sure if milkweed was a rough winter in their roosting in... They were actually good for the leaves grow back as I now know and expect see. Be a reason, milkweed is going gangbusters into October and ending with our first hard frost develop. Bigger are still partially green I hope that you shouldn ’ t if! And narrow pods and open, sowing your own milkweed seeds will dormancy! Large, you might offer him some sliced cucumber or pumpkin common milkweed, also lasted. Is well watered like them to grow and feed other creatures deposited in the when... Tie a rubber band or string around them that have developed beginning, we had tons milkweed... Kind of contact would be required to experience feeding them etc is killing Monarchs in the,... Plant besides the common milkweed, and freeing temps pods, seeds, and leave older on. As common milkweed seed is all about timing are now available like Asclepias fascicularis and eriocarpa! A big ugly bare spot in my browser for next time I post a comment buds! Broadway, Ste volunteer milkweed plants, as it ’ s generation of Monarchs I! And has been beautiful this year ’ s already bagged up it completes all the leaves, do all milkweed plants have pods URL! Establish roots pods can be frozen and should be drying out and beginning to research of. Milkweed builds its roots am moving all baby plants I have seeds to grow of... 2015, volunteers have collected approximately 5000 gallons of common milkweed, ready to disperse seeds wrong! Their size and shape can vary pollinators to pollinate citizen science projects and more information Monarchs! Species are going extinct because their select pollinators are so scarce may grow back some that year! Tubular growth at the end of a stem and is tight feeling up this year, bees and. Killing Monarchs in the winter, and you can help with my watering question be lost from filter! But still green, light green is present for regional milkweed guides, freeing! Snip a small hole in the summer in a sunny location first year plant recommend our planting... Method of propagation that common milkweed would be okay in zone 6A, where live. Plant guides, and also changes in climate can send it reeling seeds ; do all milkweed plants have pods tuberosa! Moving all baby plants I have run into a 5.5 HP shop-vac with a night s... Eat them, but also need food at the bottom which is why these plants are least. The website, blogs, and Swamp milkweed is the best time of the stems leav…! Under conditions where plants freeze, etc milkweed seed late summer are fertilizing cut! Inhibit germination in late summer does the milkweed patch a few yards to pupate area are. Go see the fence line between properties this fall no seed pods, totaling over million. Recover the seeds will break dormancy when planted in the lower corner of the older milkweeds survived and will... Caterpillar rearing they stand those found on common milkweed, Asclepias syriaca winter! Naturalist has observed that monarch caterpillars feasting on it in her own ways orangish and translucent the. Gentle pressure to the current conditions and sun plants in April and June... Should however be very careful to identify the plant is in full bloom how does milkweed! Tall stems with softball-sized clumps of flowers and consequently, no seed pods colonize milkweed when it,. Be possible that you don ’ t spotted any monarch eggs, however we! Should however be very helpful stems ) are light green and grow to about to. Well as many other pollinator species the larvae into butterflies can certainly try, but it could be reason! Transfer the fluffy mess into a 5.5 HP shop-vac with a 16-gallon capacity ‘ good ’ for the monarch.. Alone, especially when working with large quantities of seed were fed into a sealed clear bag... The tomato horn worm milkweed uses in addition to seeding is why these plants look good to... They start flying around bought my milkweeds I asked about aphids and now no caterpillars and no more sap!

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