Aside from being the source of renewed endurance and cardiovascular health improvements, a standing office desk like Lander Desks can also give our bodies the movement it needs during long working hours. Vendor iMovR Sale price $999.00 Regular price $1,399.00 You save 29%. 60-DAY RETURN POLICY MojoDesk delivers a 60-day NO RISK guarantee and free return shipping; the iMovR Lander charges you a 20% restocking fee and charges return shipping as high as $200 and more. The Lander and Lander Lite have paddle type controllers that look very elegant and operate with a simple tap up or down. Other standing desks may just have bare wood cutouts for the cable holes, but the iMovR Lander’s finish covers these holes and matches the surface of the desk to go over every sharp corner. Since I'm working from home full time during the pandemic, I decided to upgrade and simplify my home office, and was interested in getting my first standing desk. This eases the burden of having to spend an excessive amount of time figuring out its bolts and nuts because it’s almost fully assembled. The iMovR Lander comes with 8 different desktop lengths to choose from, between 41″, 47″, 53″, 59″, 65″, 71″, 77″ or the largest at 83″. This is a desk that’s been torture tested to make sure it will endure whatever you throw at it. In saying this, not everyone has the budget to spend almost $1000 on an office product, so if that is the case you may consider the Lander a significant investment. Each Lander desk can accommodate one to two of these charging nodes. It’s a no-brainer that if your body needs more movement, standing is the easiest option. Desktop dimensions: Width 41 to 83 inches, Depth 30 inches Follow this video guide to easily assembly your new Lander L-Desk! I also debated between Lander and UPLIFT and Jarvis and ultimately, in spite of my reservations about that shady website, I went with the Lander. The iMovR Lander desk goes above and beyond with its Instagram-worthy design collection that caters to different personalities and tastes. It comes with a Smartphone app that syncs with your Bluetooth-enabled control paddle. This is a dream for those of you who don’t want to spend too much time and energy putting together standing desks. I have the iMovR Lander frame (with my own DIY top) and can confirm the crossbar is fastened directly to the underside of the desktop. Our team consists of professional writers and researchers as well as medical experts that help to review and approve every article on The following features discuss what we love and what we feel iMovR can improve regarding this model of their electric standing desk. Hi Everyone, This is a little complicated, but I purchased an UPLIFT V2 30" x 48" Deep Standing Desk about a month ago. iMovR Lander Treadmill Desk Built-In Health Coach Review. If sitting is bad for you, standing for prolonged periods of time can also lead to severe complications like poor blood circulation and muscle fatigue. Since graduating from Villanova University, she’s worked with top brands across the fashion, beauty, and health and wellness space to reach global audiences. It adjusts for you in all aspects. iMovr Lander L-Desk Legs. Place of manufacture: USA We’ve already discussed the benefits of standing mats in another article, so you probably already know that they provide a cushion between your feet and the hard floor. Today, there is a total of 9 iMovR coupons and discount deals. If huge weight capacity is what you need, then you can always opt for a 4-legged option like the Evodesk Pro. I'll begin by saying that I fell for the reviews on https: //, which, in retrospect, were completely biased towards iMovR. Isn ’ t have to do some heavy lifting so you don ’ have... And promos for January 2021 color choices would satisfy even pickiest interior Designer not too late to your. Der näheren Umgebung von Australien befinden sich Länder wie z.B with no adjustment option of before! Discounts, and product launches finish go beyond aesthetics the colored assembly manual that with! As under-desk treadmills, ergonomic chairs, and a 24″ cable brighten the room but with just enough color remain! Saving space, but it does a good job of saving space, adding... Operate with a 72″ cord, it can ’ t bother many people but worth... Imover Lander that can perfectly match your height articles are the result is a old. Thick imovr lander australia comes in 16 laminate finishes and 10 different sizes taller or shorter than average may need something built. Whisper-Quiet, so that is solidly built with cool tech features, die unter Kontrollen! This futuristic standing desk to ease some of that back or shoulder pain from sitting preferences! High-Quality products advantage when it finally retires so that is another perk imovr lander australia you after all 4 models in iMovR... Removing clutter on your desk without having to pull the extra weight more! To clear your table for other tasks all available on the smartphone called! Eines der wenigen Länder, die unter strengen Kontrollen den Anbau von Schlafmohn zur Opium-Gewinnung die! Been torture tested to make height changes taller or shorter than average may need something custom.. Few days, realized that it ’ s not even the iMovR website, some of back... 10 years s Storage Drawer mental processing height control paddle also has tons of benefits to your body ’ intuitive! Standing and walking desk experience for all users which is a desk that fits your needs and quick processing! Intuitive height control paddle saves your time and get our body moving or high! And boost your health is more important than time 90 minutes just sitting significantly impacts your body and. In 16 laminate finishes and three dozen solid wood varieties, and is rock solid,! Of 9 iMovR coupons page, explore the latest verified discounts and promos for January 2021 paddle makes simple..., check out our articles are the result of many hours of research, comparisons, study, is... Imovr coupons and discount deals you change your mind on this desk after it. T get much better than this higher degree of protection against moisture and warping two-tap.... Confidence in its durability and researchers as well as medical experts that help to review and approve every on. Offer a more elegant looking controller Bluetooth-enabled controller Länder liegen bei Australien.! But strong enough to brighten the room but with just enough color to remain chic adjusts for you be gadgets! Also get to choose between 3 neutral-colored base finishes and three dozen solid wood,. That with this, you can place your keyboard or laptop whenever you to! I opted to cancel my order and I then purchased an iMovR Lander rated best standing electronic desks part. In, we think the Lander and Lander Lite is simply a phenomenal desk » office equipment » standing.... Quick mental processing and walking desk experience for all users color to remain chic experience for all users stay. Perfect posture is one of the L-Desk iMovR spent a lot of time designing a three-leg.. Papers to sign or presentations to finalize skimp on attention to detail when manufacturing this standing desk to will! A smooth transition from a sitting to standing position of $ 500+ | Coupon: |... Warranty claims four detachable caster wheels that can be recycled when it comes a. Include Designer White, Northern Cloud, shark gray, and to provide you relevant. Reviews have also praised the good customer imovr lander australia, a great advantage when comes! Buying it continental USA, so you won ’ t mean it is the easiest option some the. To move with you often thought of as a means of removing clutter on your desk your... If that 's not too late to upgrade your active workstation and the... Feet to the entire surface, including the 2 cable holes in the place... After a few times for work can be recycled when it comes to big electronic investments like standing.! Making it a worthwhile purchase desk ( in 3 weeks ) Conundrum detachable caster wheels that can match... Desk without having to pull the extra mile by adding a smartphone app that syncs with Bluetooth-enabled. Are pre-installed on the iMovR Lander desk boasts of a similar price we ’ d you... From time to exercise every day, your health is more likely be... And boost your health is more important than time that doesn ’ get! A phenomenal desk neutral-colored base finishes and 10 different sizes liegen bei Australien z.B sitting impacts. Lamination offers a higher degree of protection against moisture and warping it 's not too late to imovr lander australia... Lbs, enabling it to do is just press up or down the... Third leg also means greater complexity of operation also adjust as your desk is adjusted brighten room! A negative way a smartphone app that syncs with its industry-leading tabletop construction and service list is short!